Trauma and fractures

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There is a huge variation in the type and severity of fractures and injuries that can occur. For many of these, surgery is not necessary, but others greatly benefit from surgical intervention. The surgical treatment of fractures has advanced considerably in the last few years, allowing patients to get back to full activity much faster, and minimizing the problems associated with injuries. Most major trauma is best dealt with at the larger public hospitals such as Fiona Stanley Hospital, where all the facilities and support staff are best set up to deal with any eventualities. I am a trauma surgeon there, so I can see you and treat you there privately. Less serious injuries, can be safely treated at Murdoch hospital which has the only emergency department in a private hospital in Western Australia.

I treat most fractures (except spines, pelvic and hand injuries), as well as some children’s injuries.

Methods of fixation include plates and screws, nails, and external frames.

Complications depend on the injury and the surgery, but also include those relating to the anaesthetic, infection, DVT/PE, loss of function, nerve/vessel injury, failure of union of the fracture (nonunion) or deformity (malunion). Frequently, patients with fractures and injuries never fully get back to their pre-injury level.


Fig. 1.  Kids lower leg tibia and fibula fracture.


Fig. 3.  CT scan of Tibial plateau fracture of the knee.  Note the joint surface which has been ‘punched down’.


Fig. 5.  Fracture of the end of the radius with fractures running into the wrist joint.


Fig. 7.  Fracture of the tibia treated with an intra-medullary nail.


Fig. 2.  Same fracture fixed with screws avoiding the growth plates.


Fig. 4. Same fracture with joint lifted up fixed with a plate and screws. 


Fig. 6.  Same fracture treated with plate and screw fixation
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