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Prior to any surgery being booked, a full quote will be given of how much the total cost will be.

This will include the total cost of surgery and any additional out of pocket costs.
The cost of surgery will depend on what operation you will be having and the type of medical insurance cover that you have.

The informed financial consent will take place prior to surgery. This will also tell you if there will be a gap between the amount your insurance company will pay and the charges incurred by Mr. Gohil.  The fee paid for surgery includes all inpatient care and follow up for 6 weeks post operatively.

  • Initial consultation cost is $250
  • Pensioners $200 initial consult and $100 for follow up appointments.

  • Follow up appointments are $150
  • There are no further costs for post-operative visits for the first 6 weeks, after which time the cost of each visit is $150.
  • Workers compensation fees will be sent direct to the insurer. However, if the claim number is not provided you will be responsible for settling the account on the day.


 There may be a GAP between the anaesthesia fee and any rebates paid by Medicare and private health funds.
The anaesthetist’s rooms will be in touch prior to surgery with estimated costs, as it is separate from Mr Gohil's fees

Blood tests

There is an out of pocket charge for blood tests.


X-rays as an inpatient are covered, but outpatient X-rays and CTs within the hospital have an out of pocket cost.
MRI costs vary considerably depending on where they are done. Please ask for more details.


For ECG (heart tracings) I use WA cardiology as appointments are not needed. There is a charge above the Medicare rebate.

Medical reports and insurance forms

Are charged at a rate representing the time taken to complete the forms.

Full payment at the appointment time is appreciated. Cash or credit cards are acceptable means of payment. For bank and personal cheque please make prior arrangements with the reception.

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